Amazon Super Value Day Quiz Answers

Amazon Super Value Day Quiz Answers

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Amazon Super Value Day App Only Quiz Answers

1. Shopping on Super Value Day gives you cashback on purchase of household supplies and more. What is the maximum cashback you can avail?

Answer:- Rs. 1200

2. Super Value Day occurs on which days of the month?

Answer:- 1st, 2nd and 3rd of every month

3. During Super Value Day, Mr K purchased groceries worth Rs 1500, what is the maximum cashback he can avail?

Answer:- Rs. 225

4. Customers using which bank’s credit or debit card are eligible for the additional cashback on shopping from Super Value Days?

Answer:- ICICI Bank

5. Which of the following would NOT be eligible for the Super Value Day cashback offer?

Answer:- Electronics and Furniture


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